2011 All Star game from an Astros fan’s perspective–

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July 13, 2011 by danolaurel

So the allstar game is now over after a decisive National League win!  Prince Fielder took home the ASG mvp and wins 40,000 to build a stadium in his name.  Thats a pretty great honor and prize.  The automobile companies were duking it out for camera time.

And speaking of duking it out for camera time, during Fielder’s acceptance speech, his two boys were wanting to play with his glass? baseball bat trophy which typically I would find completely annoying, but now that I am a father completely understand.

In 2009 Hunter Pence was invited to go to the ASG, but didn’t actually get to play. One of those, ‘im just honored to be here’ moments, but that all changed tonight.  To be completely honest after waiting all night for michael bourne to go into the game for last years’ ASG I was really surprised to see Pence go in during the 4th inning especially with Holliday starting the game there.

Hunter didn’t disappoint.  First ball hit towards him he launches one to home plate getting Bautista at home.  His first at bat he whiffed, but made up for it later hitting a nice single and making it all the way around on a two-base passed ball, and Fielders ground-rule double.

Made this Astros fan really excited.

There is a lot of criticism this year directed at all of the players that removed themselves from the ballot.  Now there are some very valid reasons, (surgery, hurt,) but also not so much; Jeter is emotionally drained.  The captain couldn’t even make a flight to Arizona to wave to the crowd.

If you don’t want to go play at this fun event, then take your name off of the ballot from the very beginning.  Not fair to the fans, etc.

Couple choice moments; Justin Timberlake doing an interview,  Fielders HR blast, Heath Bell sliding into the mound, and SF’s Brian Wilson and his beard.  Delicious.

I won’t say I’ve watched every ASG growing up because I haven’t .  In fact there was a pretty good stretch of time that I didn’t watch it at all.  These last two years have been great though and for one reason in my opinion.  Giving the winner Home Field Advantage.  Now a lot of people disagree with Bud Selig’s decisions from time to time, but this is exactly what the ratings plummeting event needed to make it more of a special event.

Most members from last years’ Giants will say that having home field advantage definitely helped them to win the World Series.  Now it’s hard to speculate, but starting first two game of the WS at home have to have a positive affect on the best of seven series.





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