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July 23, 2011 by danolaurel

It is a fact that I am a purveyor of sports collectibles.  It is also true that first and foremost I am a collector of said collectibles.  I’m not currently making my living solely on these magnificent pieces of cardboard, yet appreciative of them so much that I want other people to enjoy them as much as me, therefore places an assortment of goods available for purchase.

What we like to call our ‘PC’ , or ‘Personal Collection’ consists of Astros memorabilia including, more specifically, Hunter Pence items.  It’s a bit of a monster actually.  I’ve always been collecting Astros things, but ever since my daughter was born I decided going out to the bars was probably not as cool as it used to be.

A dad out on the Austin night-life scene; wasting away , all the while I have a perfectly happy home waiting for me.

With the extra cash-flow I decided to pick up on a hobby I had abandoned 14 years previous, and that brings us to where we are today.  See?  I told you this was only ‘kind of’ a review.  I’m getting there, I promise.

I collect Hunter Pence cards. I have an eBay store, so I appreciate the effort it takes to list stuff, sell stuff, and send stuff the people purchase online, but then I discovered this website called ‘Checkout my cards’.  A vast marketplace of sports cards that were all in one place and that could be ordered all at one time from a centralized location.

Here’s how it works:  People send in their collections and pay for processing, listing, credits to the account, etc, etc.  People go to this website, pick out what they desire, the website processes everything and sends it to you giving money to the cardowners and taking a small percentage to keep site running, payroll and the like.

If I’m looking for something specific or if I want to try and find the best deal on a great card eBay is the place to go buy far.  Great prices on hobby boxes and other memorabilia are available here too.  But I want to add Pence cards to my collection.  And as many as I could get my hands on.

I went to the website after reading some favorable reviews via twitter (@checkoutmycards) and scoped out what I could for Pence cards.  I was happy to see that there were plenty available, but never using the site before I kept it to a minimum $20 purchase just in case.

Pros:  -Great search options along with easy-to-use interface

-Cards are all available a lot lower than book rate (Beckett is what they use) and you can make offers on any card

-Shipping rates are flat and reflective of type of service you choose, ie. basic, priority, supplies included, etc


-Because of how it works it’s really difficult (im assuming) to receive its inventory and list in a quick manor, ergo, you won’t find anything that is recent.

-Don’t order if you like to receive your stuff in two days.  They say for first class they process and ship your items between 3-5 business days.  I got 5 business days.  Took over a week to receive my stuff. Reminder: if you wan’t it quicker you have to pay more-

-Don’t try to contact them via twitter for any customer service related issues.  Still waiting to hear from them…

So overall not bad.  If you have a certain player you collect or if you’re trying to complete a set give them a try.


I give them a B-

They are fairly new and working out some stuff, but see them being around for a while.


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