2011 Bowman Platinum ” Show me your Hits “!

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July 28, 2011 by danolaurel

2011 Bowman Platinum Hobby Box
Just released and looks great!

2011 Bowman Platinum was “officially” released to the public today; even though there were plenty of box breaks on YouTube and various retail outlets already selling it. I sold a box worth of packs on my store and kept one box for myself.  Last year I had to see three boxes get placed into shipments and sent out and only had retail to rely on.  So I decided this year I would rip into one, or at least my first one and let everyone know what to expect.

First thing to make note of is the amount of hits you get per box.  A step up from last year’s headache, you get 2 chrome auto cards and 1 auto relic card in every box.  You should also be getting about two numbered refractors per box.  That SHOULD be in every box.  Now there will be redemptions, but if you pull a Team USA auto card just know that is supposed to be a bonus hit.  And those are always fun.   There are also hobby only hexagram book cards, printing plates.

If you’re a fan of Bowman you’ll know all about refractor cards, but this set is a little different because all of the base cards look like refractor cards to begin with.  They will all change color if you move them in the light.  So a step up if you like the look of those cards.  With the base cards you can also expect to see different color variations on the base cards.  Ruby, Emerald and Gold make up the base cards, and No-Number X-fractor prospect cards will be the parallel for the prospects.  I like those especially.

In tonight’s box my numbered refractor worth noting was: Jarrod Parker 50/199 (blue refractor)

The hits were: Robinson Tejeda auto/relic numbered to a whopping 1166!

Hayden Simpson auto and Randall Delgado auto.

The thing about the hits is the auto/relic cards feature sticker autos and the regular auto cards feature on-card autographs, so you get a nice big auto in the case of Delgado’s signature.

It’s neat to know that the player actually held the card you’re holding as opposed to sitting at a table filling out pages of stickers.

*You can see pics I took as I opened on my facebook page which can be found here on the home page.*

—- So overall a reallly nice looking set.  Anytime you have this chrome, refractor technology you take a risk of having imperfections and you must remember that going into this set.  Expect to pay around $100-130 for a box of this either online or your LCS.

It’s a good product to break as a box, or definitely take your chances on packs.  Like I stated, good prospects, good looking cards, and plenty of variations to keep you busy sorting.

My overall rating is A-


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