2011 Topps Marquee

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September 14, 2011 by danolaurel

Topps has unveiled another new product this year that is supposed to be ‘more accessible’ to customer with its 2011 Topps Marquee product.
Each box has four mini boxes that contain one pack of cards. Within the mini boxes are one HIT one numbered parallel and three base cards.
Based on the secondary market information; there are some really nice cards in this product. Nice on-card autos, sticker autos, ‘Titanic Threads’ with dirty, game-used pieces, quad-relics, and museum collection cards that are made of metal.
The checklist for this product is less than stellar if you’re looking for multiple players from your favorite team. The Astros have only two players in the set (Wallace, Pence) and one isn’t even on the team anymore. Within that Wallace only has an auto, and some relics, where Pence only has the relic cards. No auto for me. 😦
Overall, this might be a good product to hand pick your favorite stars. If you can afford a box, then rip it since you’ll get the guaranteed 4 hits.
I will be participating in a box break later and I will post a followup to design, etc.


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