@ebay vs Amazon. Difference in perception.

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October 25, 2011 by danolaurel

It’s been a little over a year since I first started to sell on eBay.  As i’ve been more involved with the website I’m also more aware of people’s comments either for or against the website.  To tell the truth, when I first decided I was going to sell sports memorabilia online I had originally gone to Amazon’s website. I felt there was more security with items purchases there.  I felt safer in listing items there until it came down to listing sports cards.  It was a different format for listing so many individual items without a record in its inventory.

I became annoyed with that process and eventually felt eBay was more forgiving with its listing setup.

When I’m at work and one of my customer’s asks about an item I always suggest they look on eBay.  Most of the time they scoff at the idea of going to eBay for items. I ask them for further explanation and it’s always the same, ” you never know with stuff on there, if it’s real or not.”  It’s always people worried about authenticity of items.  They mostly feel that if they purchase goods from Amazon, or any other website that there isn’t a worry about purchasing authentic items.

Here in lies the problem for them.  They used to have an ad campaign showing how you could find those random goodies for unbelievable prices.  That crazy leg-shaped lamp?  eBay.  Boots with fish in the heel? eBay, etc, etc.   As the online marketplace has grown, eBay has developed into a format for entrepreneurs  and all other business-minded people to make some extra cash.  Some sellers make their entire living off of this website.

Now let me clarify.  I’m not 100% cheerleading for eBay.  I still have a handful of issues with them as a seller.  With that being said, I do feel they are listening.  I never felt they gave sellers enough credit for what they did and felt punished, or didn’t have any protection against horrible buyers.  I’ve seen horror stories about sellers getting slammed with negative feedback when a buyer makes up stories they never received items,etc., and not having any protection against that.

Then they changed it to posting a negative detailed seller rating (DSR) became worse than negative feedback.  I lost my top-rated seller badge because a lady didn’t read description and just left me 1 star on each rating.  This took away my badge and my discount for fees that I worked extremely hard to maintain.  Thats a different issues.

I want to stay with them and a lot of people can do well on this website, but they need to create an image that welcomes more people to shop on its website like any other store front. I do feel sellers get to show off more personality on eBay, but I do know what the ‘sense of security’ is from Amazon.  Microsoft helped out Apple once, maybe eBay can look at some ideas from Amazon and run with it.


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