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January 6, 2012 by danolaurel

In a totally unrelated to baseball post, what in the world happened to customer service and the big red dot? I had to do an exchange and I didn’t have a receipt.  I realize in most cases not having a receipt is an issue for a return, but I wanted to exchange it.  Possibly for something more expensive.

::SIDENOTE:: I am a retail manager and I understand the importance of have a general return/exchange policy, but I also know I would much rather have my customer leave the store happy. They will come back if they were treated well.

They ran my drivers license and said I couldn’t do an exchange because I hit a maximum $70 limit in a year. I politely asked to see where that was written/posted anywhere in there store. She couldn’t provide the information, so I politely asked for their manager on duty.  He came over and explained that there was nothing to be done about the limit, but if I wanted to I could find something in the same department for equal or lesser value.

I would’ve been find with that except for the fact that even if I was going to purchase something more expensive, they told me I had to.  I asked what happens if what I really wanted was less in price; they said it had to be more.

So as the issue escalated, so did their attitude towards me.  This isn’t personal Russ, the leader on duty, so I don’t know why it became an issue.  The item was unopened and all I wanted was to swap it out for something else, not in the same department.


To  make a long story short, they were going to give me a lower credit than what we paid. We ended up finding the receipt (which was for a lot more) and returning it. So not only did they lose EXTRA money, they also lost a customer with the inability to negotiate a happier turn of events.

Many people may have issues with Wal-Mart and its business practicies, but have you ever tried to return something there? You may stand in line for a bit, but you walk up, they either refund you or put it on a gift card. No hassles, ever. (knock on wood).



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