Why are all the sportscard bloggers mad at each other?

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February 10, 2012 by danolaurel

I find it mildly amusing that each of the main sites that I follow: FCB, SCU, would be at a cross-roads with each other.  My time line is filled with them, and everyone else complaining, recently, about 2012 Topps series one.

There are many aspects to OUR hobby, but there are two main sides: The people who collect for fun, and the people who treat it as a business.  It is when we blur those lines, and add personal opinions, do those lines become blurry.  If someone doesn’t want to collect something for whatever reason then so be it, but that doesn’t mean it should matter, does it?

When the various sites write reviews or commentary on products -what does it really mean?  More importantly – what does it matter?

I don’t care that someone doesn’t like the ‘gimmicks’. I don’t even care about a ‘hot list’. My experience in marketing and promoting can create my own hot-list.

If someone comes along and writes a review that doesn’t fall into the status-quo they get ripped apart on twitter, but who cares? It’s a hobby that we grew up enjoying and since the money became involved it shook things up. Of COURSE Topps knows people are making a lot of money off its product- it’s important because they have to keep up! If they didn’t introduce so called ‘gimmicks’ then no one would buy the product.  And comparing it to products of the past is irrelevant because it was so popular people were buying anything, no matter what it was because it was EVERYWHERE.  People didn’t buy a ton of cards in the 50’s because it was still in its youth as a hobby– it doesnt and shouldn’t matter why a company chooses to operate the way it does, but the responsibility will be created from the consumer.  Once everyone is exhausted by the same inserts and ‘gimmicks’ then they will, once again, adapt.

If Topps doesn’t do it then, heaven forbid, Panini or Upper Deck will.

It’s funny that the hobby we started when we were kids is still filled with grownups who still act the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of the information that I obtain from their insight. I pick and choose what I want, but I collect what I like, and I sell the rest to buy more stuff I like to collect.  Because I like it.  It’s my hobby and it makes me happy when i’m not being a companion, or father, or manager.  I don’t want all of the stress because this is what I do to avoid it.

C’mon everyone– remember what a lot of us do this for.  Let’s just collect some cards and have fun.



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