I’m rooting for Jackie Robinson, always.

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March 28, 2012 by danolaurel

These pins were handed out to fans to show support for Robinson in 1947, his rookie year.

I came across this pin on one of my favorite antique shops to visit here in Austin, TX. To be honest, I wasn’t sure of its importance when I first saw it, but I liked it because it was Jackie Robinson and it appeared to be of the era he played in.

It wasn’t until I searched the sentence on the pin that I then realized how significant this was and what it represented. On the top it stated, “I’m Rooting for Jackie Robinson” and I wanted to know more.  I looked it up on my phone and learned that these pins were handed out at the ballpark in 1947, his rookie year, so fans could show support for Jackie Robinson getting called up to Major League baseball as the first African-American ballplayer.

Pins became a significant way for people to voice their opinions on certain matters and people wanted to show support for Robinson.  A lot of other teams didn’t want to play the Dodgers because of him though he did receive a lot of support from some of the other ballplayers.

It was neat to have a piece of history over sixty-years-old and remember the different struggles people went through, not so long ago, to make changes in the world that made us better.  He just wanted to play baseball and “be respected as a human being”. Jackie Robinson was elected to the Hall of Fame on the his first ballot in 1962.


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