2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Promises to ‘Keep it Weird’

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March 29, 2012 by danolaurel

Upper Deck announced details of its upcoming 2012 Goodwin Champions product last week to generate some buzz about the upcoming release. It is a sport/non-sport product with various stars crossing all of the boundaries, but most interestingly are the hard-to-find inserts that fill this product.

Fans of Goodwin Champions are familiar with the Entomology cards that feature various species of insects and bugs, but will have to find them quickly as Upper Deck announced this will be the third, and final, run of those cards in this set. Chris Carlin, from Upper Deck, said on his blog, ” It has always been our plan to put the concept on the shelf after three years and allow fans to try to put together this series, knowing it would not go on forever”. That is good for collectors of this rare set to have time to finish the series and not play catch up with constant new releases.


Entomology cards featuring first-ever spiders from Malaysia

Animal Kingdom Patch cards will return with an impressive 100-card set that will feature extinct and mythical creatures including Tyrannosaurus Rex and Pegasus. These cards showed great successes last year with high secondary market values. This is amazing because they don’t include actual animal items like some of the other cards. They are manufactured patches, but they are very hard to pull and thus very desirable for collectors.

Pegasus Card in upcoming Goodwin Champions

Goodwin Champions has featured these cards since 2009, and hopes to continue striking a chord among collectors in 2012. A great mix of sport autos and other rare additions make this product a change from the norm for collectors of all ages.

Stay tuned for more product info as it’s available.


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