2012 Upper Deck Sp Authentic Golf gets back on the leaderboard

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April 5, 2012 by danolaurel

The Honorary Masters have teed off at the Augusta National Golf Club so it is important to realize how much of a storied history golf has on a lot of us.  Even with the ongoing controversy surrounding the golf club’s membership policies, the sponsorships are plenty, attendees are everywhere and the most import golf tournament of the year is definitely making its presence felt.

There is something to be said about its rich history of legends and young players, like Mcllroy, who has seemingly come out of nowhere to make a name for himself as one of the best golfers in the world. Upper Deck’s new 2012 Sp Authentic Golf is a solid reminder as to why we love this game and all of the players that have made those memorable moments.

It is special because it features some of the best in the game, but to reach a broader audience, it is now featuring cards of other fans of the game as well such as, Drew Brees, Michael Jordan and more in a series named, “Parade of Stars.”

Drew Brees Card for the 'Parade of Stars' insert set

The product will include autograph cards, relic cards and plenty of rookie cards featuring some of the world’s best.  Highlights will include a dual-auto of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan!  Be on the lookout for this product later this year from Upper Deck and in the meantime watch to see who will win the “Green Jacket” and hope to pull one of their cards out of this beautiful set!

Wayne Gretzky for "Parade of Stars"

Ernie Els auto, FINALLY!


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