Oklahoma City Redhawks visit the Round Rock Express

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June 15, 2012 by danolaurel

Living in Kyle, Tx our options for live sports are limited.  Plenty of highschool sports around the area, but as far as professional sports go; we either have to drive to San Antonio, or drive to Round Rock.  Normally, driving to Round Rock takes about an hour and a half in Austin rush hour traffic, but we decided to take the 130 Tollway and see how it treats us.  We left super early just in case it took us to the other side of the planet.  FORTY-FIVE minutes later we arrived at the ballpark.  We were both blown away by how much faster it was to get there.

The reason we went to Round Rock was to watch the Express host the Oklahoma City Redhawks baseball team.  They are both triple-A teams for the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros, respectively.  We actually hadn’t seen the Astros AAA team since they used to be called the Express many moons ago, so it was a great chance to see a handful of guys play that we’ve already seen at the big-league level. Jimmy Paredes, Angel Sanchez, and JB Shuck to name a few.

The Redhawks are currently in first place and we knew it would be a great game.  The team was leading the entire game only to have a slight scare in the 8th when the Express’ bats finally woke up a little bit.  Always fun to watch the team you’re rooting for win in the visitors stadium.

Enjoy a few of the pictures I captured from the ball park–

JB Shuck up to bat

Jimmy Paredes ready to bat-

Getting ready to pitch in the bullpen


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