Show me your HITS! One year later.

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August 17, 2012 by danolaurel

When I got back into collecting cards it was because my daughter had been born and I needed something else to occupy my free time besides hanging out at the bars.  Little did I know that I would find myself knee-deep in a world that hadn’t change a whole lot on the outside; but drastically differed, to what I was used to growing up, on the inside.

There is a lot of grumbling about the industry, and how much money is involved in decision making, etc, but to be clear; I’ve pretty much ALWAYS known about the business end of this hobby.  When I was first starting out I knew cards were worth money, and certain cards were cheap and then became really expensive. I understood the business part of the hobby really early on, but I also loved to have cards for myself. I still enjoy the collecting part of cards.  Teams, players, sets, placing them in binders, boxes. Showing off stuff in my office and pulling out my most favorite cards from time to time and just studying each one.

When I got back into collecting I noticed that the driving factor behind a lot of collectors were these things called ‘hits’. The supreme card in the box, whether it be a card with a piece of jersey, or the players autograph, these cards were what everyone wanted.  Gone were the days where a ‘Rated Rookie’ meant more than any of the other cards.  Except for those SSP cards, mind you.  People wanted those ‘hit’ cards and, turns out, wanted to show them off.

One night I was showing my girlfriend some of the ‘box break’ YouTube videos I had stumbled upon and was explaining to her why I was watching them. I mentioned that the collectors open packs of cards on camera hoping to show me their hits.  And I joked, “Show me your hits”.

That one comment sparked an energy in my collecting that helped trigger motivation behind what part of the collecting world I wanted to be a part of.  I started on YouTube with my own videos because I enjoyed sharing product with others.  Showing collectors what they could expect out of packs of cards was a neat advance in collecting.

Then I discovered Twitter.  I originally joined to vent about my Astros and the struggles the team was facing.  It was a way to ramble, and yell, and critique to a bunch of other fans that were feeling the same way.  Turns out there were a ton of sports card collectors on Twitter.  I was also pleased to see all of the sports card companies making a presence and promoting new releases.  I felt that Twitter was a great platform to share product and started using #showmeyourhits to showcase people’s great pulls and let everyone have a moment of glory. It has been great to see people participate in this and even more so to see others with their own versions.

There are plenty personalities in this world we share.  Even with the power of the internet the collecting world isn’t as big as it once was, but maybe that’s still a good thing.  There are good writers doing good things for the industry and also people that share similar ideas wanting others to show off their great pulls. The sports card hobby has plenty of room for everyone as long as it helps generate interest and helps promote the good in the industry.  That doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with anything- it just means that if we try to feed off each other we can reach a broader audience.

If you have something to share, feel free to show it off!  I exchange comments with a lot of different people and love seeing what people enjoy about their collecting!

Find me on twitter: @danolaurel

Show your hits with me or @showyourhits

And you can shop for anything to add to your collection here: Dano’s Sports Collectibles.


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