Anatomy of a Case-Break 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball


August 22, 2012 by danolaurel

When I sort through all of the cards after doing a baseball card break I like to see if any patterns occur.  It never dawned on me to share that information with anyone else, until now.  It’s neat to see how players are distributed within a collation of cards.  Some names might surprise in either direction; too many, or limited.

Here is my breakdown of my case of 2012 Topps baseball. A case yields 288 packs and odds stated are Hobby odds:

12-Die Cuts  1:24 Fell one per box, but no dupes

91- Refractors 1:3

48-XFractors 1:6

12-Blue Refractors #/199 1:21

7-Black Refractors #/100  1:41

4-Sepia Refractors #/75 1:55

5-Gold Refractors #/50 1:82  This was very interesting, harder pull popped up more.

2-Red Refractors #/50 1:153


16-Regular Autos 1:19

2-Refractor Autos 1:73

3-Blue Refractor Autos 1:149

1-Black Refractor Auto 1:296

1-Sepia Refractor Auto 1:395

1-Gold Auto 1:588

I pulled 5 Harper and Darvish cards, but here’s who I only pulled ONE of: Eric Hosmer, Mark Teixera, Ryan Vogelsong, Alex Liddi

Here are the players I pulled SEVEN of, the most of all others: Adam Lind, Pablo Sandoval, Adron Chambers, Brett Pill, Yoenis Cespedes!!


2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Case-Break 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball

  1. BowlingBack40 says:

    Who was your gold auto?

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